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The firm is owned and operated by Deborah C. Martin who is a licensed private investigator in Virginia, the District of Columbia, and Maryland. During her career in the FBI, Ms. Martin investigated a wide range of criminal matters including violent crimes, such as bank robbery, extortion and kidnapping; large scale drug and money laundering; and complex white collar crimes including wire fraud, mail fraud, bank fraud, health care and federal program frauds.

Ms. Martin served as the lead agent on several successful long term, multiagency, undercover projects in the Washington, D.C. area and as leader on a team of Department of Justice personnel that examined potential criminal violations following testimony of tobacco industry representatives before the U.S. Congress.

Following her retirement from the FBI, Ms. Martin served for a year and a half as a special consultant to the FBI in the investigation of terrorism matters. As a result of her background, Ms. Martin has had extensive interviewing experience in a wide variety of complex and highly sensitive matters.

Ms. Martin grew up in a farming community, and prior to becoming a Special Agent, she worked as a research assistant at the World Bank and served as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Pacific. She has the capacity to identify with a wide spectrum of the population. Ms. Martin is a member of the Private Investigator’s Association of Virginia (PIAVA)

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CLOSED 2022 

 Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services License: 11-4928

MD State Police License: 106-3707 ~ Metropolitan Police Department License: 3088




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